Our stone carving factory have more than 16 years export history, supplying hand carved stone sculptures,garden stone fountains,stone fireplace mantels,Animal Sculptures,column, flowepots etc with high quality and reasonable prices. We are good at reproducing the stone classic Roman ,Greek ,church sculptures and we accept the customized orders,the David sculptures,Pieta sculptures,Stone Marry sculptures,Stone Joseph sculptures,St.Francis,St.Luke etc very popular,all the products are from natural stone. 
Marble Sculptures - Stone Sculpture, Statue Sculptures, Catholic Sculptures, Stone Statue Sculptures.

Marble Sculptures

We can carving any style stone sculptures as per the requirements,we are good at producing eastern and western classic stone sculptures,the Greek and Roman classic styles many styles we have produced.

Animal Sculptures, Animal Garden Sculptures, Wildlife Sculptures, Stone Lions Sculptures.

Animal Sculptures

The hand carved stone animal sculptures we often making garden stone lions,stone horse,stone dogs,stone elephants,stone eagle etc animal sculptures.Any size and style can be customized.

Stone Fountains, Garden Fountain, Stone Water Fountain, Floating Ball Fountain, Horse Fountain.

Stone Fountains

The stone fountain is a good decoration for home and garden,it's including rolling ball stone fountain,statue fountain,pool fountain,blade cutted fountain etc styles,the size and color all can be customized.

Stone Fireplace, Stone Fireplace Mantels, China Stone Fireplace, UK Stone Fireplace, French Stone Fireplace.

Stone Fireplace Mantels

The fireplace mantels including English style fireplace mantels,French style fireplace style mantels and some other style fireplace mantels,any design can be customized.

Stone Column, Stone Pillar, Stone Columns For Sale, Roman Columns, Stone Architectural Columns.

Stone Coumns

The stone columns we made has big columns and stair case columns.The Roman columns mostly for buildings,also has the columns used as base of the other stone sculptures or use as a decoration,any design can be customized.

Stone Flowerpot, Flower Urns, Garden Flower Pots,  Hand Carved Stone Flowerpots

Stone Flowerpot

The stone flowerpots used widely in garden or road side,all the flowerpots we made is delicated,the shape is machined out and the carvings is carved by hand.

Garden Stone Gazebos, Stone Gazebos, Outdoor Stone Gazebos, Column Gazebo, Statue Gazebo.

Garden Stone Gazebos

The stone gazebo is a fine art for garden,we can make the dome in wrought iron,stainless steel or fiberglass,any design can be customized.

Stone Table, Stone Bench, Garden Stone Table, Garden Stone Bench.

Stone Table&Bench

The stone bench and table can be used indoor and outdoor,we can produce any design as per requirement.

Stone Relievoes, Stone Reliefs, Carved Stone Reliefs, High Relief.

Stone Relievoes

Relievo is used widely in buildings,we can make any design as per the photos or drawings.

Stone Bathtub, Carved Stone Bathtub, Clawfoot bathtub.

Stone Bath tubs

The stone bathtubs we made is from natural stone,any size,any shape can be customized.

Stone Sinks, Natural Stone Sink, Bathroom Stone Sinks, Granite Sinks, Kitchen Stone Sinks, Marble Sink

Stone Sinks

The stone sinks we can make any design as per requirements,we are good at the sinks with carvings.

China Black Granite, Shanxi Black Granite, Granite Slabs, Granite Tombstone.

Granite Materials

The granite we are just do our local materials such as Shanxi black granite,China black granite,tropical brown granite etc,slabs,tiles,countertops, tombstone all can be produced.The surface can be produce as per requirements.