We have the Shanxi black granite,China black granite,Ice flower Green granite,butterfly green granite,Three Flower and other granite for slabs,tiles,counter tops,tombstone and fireplace mantels.

We export tombstone and tiles to Russia,and countertops tiles to USA,UK,Japan etc countries.

China Black Granite         Hebei China Black Granite

                   China black                                                       China black2.5

Ice Flower Green Granite          Tropical Brown Granite

                    Ice flower green                                                     Tropical brown 1

Granite for Tiles          Granite for Fireplace Mantel       

                    Tropical brown 2                                           Cafe Diamond

Granite for Tombstone          Baipo Yellow Granite       

                    Bin Zhou Blue                                               Baipo yellow

Granite for Countertops          Three Flower Granite for Slabs       

                 Black and White spot                                          Three Flower

Desrt Green Granite          Desert Green Granite for Monuments       

           Desert Green 1                                                              Desert Green 2